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The "Guided Autobiography," DVD may offer some assistance for people who need help documenting their life story.  The DVD showcases a method developed by James E. Birren, Ph.D. to assist individuals to recall and document various aspects of their life story. The DVD outlines an exciting 5-step approach that can be used by individuals or groups to guide a personal inquiry process.   It is a great teaching aid for facilitators leading Guided Autobiography groups.  The DVD is available for immediate shipment at the low cost of $24.95 $20 which includes shipping and handling ($25 if ordering from outside the United States).  Click the link below to order your copy today or click here to view the trailer.

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Writing Your Legacy: The Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Your LifeStory
Richard Campbell, M.Ed & Cheryl Svensson, Ph.D

Writer's Digest Books (2015)

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Telling the Stories of Life through Guided Autobiography Groups
J.E. Birren & K. Cochran

Johns Hopkins University Press (2001).

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Guiding Autobiography Groups for Older Adults
J.E.Birren and D. Deutchman

The Johns Hopkins University Press (1991).

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Where to Go From Here
J. E. Birren & L. Feldman

Simon and Schuster (1997).

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